Pulsar PSR 3942C Journal Bearing Turbocharger (HP Rating 300)

Pulsar PSR 3942C Journal Bearing Turbocharger (HP Rating 300)

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    Pulsar 3942C Turbo Specifications:

    • Meeting Requirements of the Smallest Engines

    • Journal Bearing System, Oil-cooled Center Housing

    • Forged Fully-Machined Compressor Wheel with Extended Tip Aerodynamics Design

    • 9 Blade 713c Turbine Wheel, 47*42mm

    • 360 Degree Thrust Bearing

    • Internal Wastegate Turbine Housing, 0.55A/R

    • HP Rated at 300HP at the flywheel

    • Suitable Engine Size: 0.8-2.0L

    • Bearing Systems: Journal Bearing
    • Compressor Wheel: 39*52mm
    • Turbine Wheel: 47*42mm
    • Compressor Inlet: 60mm Hose
    • Compressor Outlet: 50mm Hose
    • Turbine Inlet: T25
    • Turbine Outlet: 5 Bolt
    • Oil Feed(excl’): M10 x 1
    • Internal Wastegate Turbine Housing A/R: 0.55

    Remember, buying your PSR 3942C journal bearing turbochargers from us means you receive:

    • a complete BRAND NEW turbocharger
    • a full hardware install kit*
    • a full VAT invoice
    • NO import charges, duty fees or other hidden charges (UK CUSTOMERS ONLY)
    • 12 Months UK-based Warranty
    • Delivery from UK dealer

    As a UK turbocharger specialist, we can offer FULL servicing and repair services to the Pulsar Turbo range of units.


    *where available